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Affordable healthcare solutions they don’t want you to know about!

People’s Choice Healthcare Solutions helps individuals, families and employers find affordable alternatives to traditional healthcare and insurance. Let us put a plan together that fits your needs.

Wherever you are on your healthcare journey, we are here to help.

People’s Choice Healthcare Solutions recognizes the challenges employers, individuals, and physicians face when navigating the overly complex and expensive healthcare system as we currently know it. We are here to introduce you to the new normal in healthcare.

Let us know where your healthcare hurts and let us guide the way to leaving the status quo.



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We Emphasize Local Solutions to National Problems

We advocate on behalf of local employers, families, and physicians with an emphasis on local treatment. Every community is different and has its makeup and needs. Our healthcare system is inflexible, and our solution is to place the attention on local care with local relationships between doctors, hospitals and even employers and brokers. We believe that by doing so, we make life easier for doctors so that they can focus on treating their patients. We believe that patients who develop trusting one on one relationships with their care providers will engage in their wellness and be more proactive and healthier. We believe that employers want to provide high quality high value healthcare benefits and more to their valued employees and that is much easier to do with trusted relationships that are transparent and aligned for long term success. All of this results in more care, less burden and improved local long-term economic impact. Sounds so logical… Lets just give it a try, shall we?

Choose Your Own Path with People’s Choice Healthcare Solutions

The right to choose your medical provider is an essential right often lost in today’s healthcare system. We aim to solve this problem. How we spend our healthcare dollars is a critical component of our ecosystem, physically, mentally, and financially. We should have the option to choose the provider we want without restrictions. We lead the way in devising unique and practical solutions to these common problems, and we take great pride in helping our clients.

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We Serve a Broad Spectrum of Clients

We can help individuals find a specialist, surgeon, general practitioner, chiropractor, local pharmacist or massage therapist.  But we also help healthcare providers by simplifying their practice and carve out more time for their patients. In the past, we have applied our unique mindset toward assisting self-employed professionals in securing quality healthcare while setting up healthcare benefit solutions for small businesses. And because we value local communities, our work with community leaders is paramount to our success.