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We Work Hand-in-Hand with Healthcare Professionals

The McMahon Group wants our customers to remain thoroughly updated on the continuously evolving nature of our industry. We believe anyone who understands the nuances of healthcare has the best chance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle. We are humbled by the forward-thinking professionals who work tirelessly to help us find new ways of tackling healthcare. Our innovative solutions are the direct result of our collaborations with doctors, wellness providers, surgeons, and more. Keep checking this page, as we are always updating our list of resources and events.

Past Events

Community Healthcare Symposium
“The Business of Doing Medicine Differently”
Thursday, October 15th / 7:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Five Points in Washington, IL



We are nearing a tipping point in our rise against the overwhelming cost and restriction of taking care of our employees’ and families’ health. Behind each of the links below are innovative and dedicated individuals who are blazing a trail for the rest of us. I am honored to know many of these real people with real families and real employees and real experiences that caused them to say no more status quo! They are doing something about it. They are sharing it with us. Spread the word, change is here.

Proven Solutions for Employers, Families & Physicians