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Finally, an affordable alternative to health insurance.

There is a growing inequality in the caliber of healthcare available to individuals and families in today’s economy and healthcare system. The McMahon Group wants to change that.  Medical Cost Sharing is an exceptional alternative to the overpriced and restrictive marketplace solutions.  Our solutions help the American family reclaim control over their health and achieve the same level of security as their friends and neighbors. Have you ever felt jealous of others’ insurance benefits? Stop being envious and call us today!

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Affordable and Restriction-Free Healthcare for Families

There are numerous problems with our healthcare system. But perhaps one of the most significant is the easiest to fix. Healthcare is not a chain restaurant or department store. It is local. Why should residents of any city depend on what a nationally- or regionally-based insurance company demands? We believe every individual or family member should select a primary care and wellness provider that is the right fit for them. And in no circumstance should someone have to choose from an approved list. Our innovative approach to healthcare opens up a new world of possibilities.

Affordable, High-Caliber Healthcare

In healthcare, having a choice is vital. But so is affordability. And in our existing insurance system, neither is a guarantee. In addition to addressing the lack of choice many families face, The McMahon Group focuses on providing an affordable service. Because we are successful, we can save our clients more in the long run. Our customers see their doctors more and are healthier as a result. They don’t hold off on scheduling appointments for issues that concern them, and their general practitioners catch potential problems earlier. We believe any family that switches to our innovative system will experience better overall health and peace of mind.

We Deliver Exceptional Results to Families and Individuals

At The McMahon Group, we are on a mission to change how healthcare functions in the United States, one community at a time. We believe all healthcare issues are inherently local, but that they are never treated in this way. We believe the future of healthcare is local, transparent and independent. Call us today to learn how you can change your healthcare experience!

Proven Solutions for Employers, Families & Physicians