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Get Back to Doing What You Do Best: Treating Patients

What is healthcare without our well-trained individuals that have chosen a career in the medical arts.   You are more than a listing in a network book, an RVU or a click bot in an EMR.  You are our community members that have dedicated your lives to serving others.  You are the care in healthcare.  You are also in the business of selling your services, just as your CPA or your local florist.  It really is that simple.  Our lives are in your hands.  We want you to enjoy your career, further your commitment to the highest quality education and innovation for us, we want to get to know you and develop a lifelong relationship with someone that will always have our best interest at heart with no strings attached. Our free-market based healthcare solutions allow doctors to cut down on the administrative burden so that they can spend more of their time with patients and provide the care they were called to deliver.

healthcare worker with patient

Build Lasting Relationships with Your Patients

We believe our approach results in better health for patients and communities. In addition to our work with surgeons and physicians, our services also help independent facilities and service providers. Their independence is essential to them and is also a critical component of our healthcare ecosystem. When physicians become part of a community where they have the ability to work and serve their patients without concern of network restrictions and renegotiated contracts, patients can feel confident that their doctor patient relationship will be an real asset in their healthcare and one that will last for generations. Other wellness providers also reap the benefits of our services. We understand how essential it is for patients to be able to choose why type of care and who provides the care regardless of which network they are in or if their insurance company considers that a “covered service”.  We give them the tools they need to build relationships with patients and enhance their health right alongside other care providers in their communities.

Our Cost-Sharing Model Enhances Patient Health

We specialize in a medical cost-sharing healthcare model. This innovative way of thinking benefits not only you but your patients as well. As a proven-effective alternative to health insurance, our approach allows doctors to build relationships with their patients without interruptions due to changes in insurance. Your patients can see any doctor they please. More importantly, our system eliminates most of the convoluted billing processes from the equation. Your patients will appreciate the extra time you have to devote to their health.

We Streamline Practices

The current healthcare model is broken. Our goal is to improve it by introducing free-market principles to the equation. We believe every patient deserves the right to choose their physician. Our team knows how valuable a physician’s time is, and we know how much of it is wasted on needless paperwork and billing processes. Allow The McMahon Group to help you streamline your practice.

Proven Solutions for Employers, Families & Physicians