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Whoa, wait a minute? Are we really open to talking to the very systems that gobble up independent providers, demand exclusivity in our direct contracts, refuse to negotiate and inflate billed charges to our local employers? Where administrative staff dictates how our board-certified physicians are allowed to practice medicine and demean them with over-burdensome data collection tasks that are tied to compensation reduction for the failure of an MD to follow the orders of an MBA?

Well, of course we are!!

We need our community hospitals. We need our trauma centers and critical care facilities. They are also a part of our communities, sometimes the ones that we need the most just at the right time. We understand you also have your story. If you are a leader in a hospital organization that wants to have an honest discussion about how we can all genuinely work together to create vibrant community ecosystems, there has never been a better time to start that conversation then right now…

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