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Quality and Value Driven, Local Community Owned Healthcare Solutions

We believe you want to provide high-quality, value-based healthcare to your organization.  This is the right thing to do and what helps you attract and retain long-term employees that are the lifeblood of your organizations.   In many cases, you also have a fiduciary obligation to ensure that these precious healthcare dollars are spent in the most effective way.  Anyone in leadership with a company this size, must struggle with the desire to please and the responsibility that has been placed with you to shepherd these funds in the midst of our current broken healthcare systems.   Let’s talk about how your goals and responsibilities can truly be aligned and allow you to get back to your organizations core competency and stop being a healthcare benefits provider.  The options are open, fair and all around you.    Let’s talk about solutions, long-term solutions, not just this year’s renewal.  Let’s discuss how your next contract negotiation can be about growth, improvements and better wages, not how much it will cost you to offer less.





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We Serve Municipalities

Many towns and cities across this country face budgetary concerns that prevent them from providing their valued employees with quality care. After all, they have roads to salt and plow, police and firefighter departments to fund, and more. Sometimes, insurance benefits are the first expenditure to go or erode the opportunity to increase wages due to skyrocketing healthcare costs. We think that’s a shame. We believe that our solutions will allow our valued teachers and first responders to continue to have high quality local healthcare and see a pay raise instead of a hike in healthcare contributions. Together we can make simple changes that have enormous positive local impact now and for the future.

Provide Your Union Members with Unimpeachable Benefits

The McMahon Group proudly supports unions and their mission to care for their members. We do our part through a common-sense approach to healthcare. Our solutions address the inherent problems with nationally-based private insurance by localizing the solution and introducing total freedom to your union members.

Non-Profit Organizations Deserve Top-Notch Healthcare

Non-profit organizations do important work in their communities. As a community-based organization, The McMahon Group wants to help. We understand many non-profits cannot offer robust insurance options that many for-profit companies can. Our innovative approach is the future of healthcare, and we’re making that a reality, one community at a time. Our company believes freedom of choice and affordability have been scrubbed from the health industry. Not only is this unacceptable, but it is also entirely avoidable. Our system can help. Learn more below.

Healthcare for Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed and volunteer organizations

Independent contractors, professional freelancers, and associations struggle to find the kind of health insurance they require to lead healthy and happy lives. Our subscription-based healthcare solution helps them secure benefits on par with multi-national corporations. We can proudly say they will enjoy better insurance than they would if they worked for a corporation because we emphasize choice and flexibility.

Contact The McMahon Group Today

We encourage municipalities, unions, non-profits, and self-funded employers and employees to rethink how they approach their healthcare. Healthy individuals regularly visit their practitioners for preventative care. Our unhealthy health insurance system prevents that. At The McMahon Group, we believe the solutions are apparent and within grasp. Our company understands how to address these issues systematically. We can help you retain employees and devise long-term solutions to serve your communities and customers longer and better.

Proven Solutions for Employers, Families & Physicians