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We provide access to the high quality benefits you and your employees deserve.

Small business is the backbone of this country.   Why is it that we struggle to participate in the one area that is so critical to our overall ability to be healthy as well as compete in the business world at large.   While larger businesses will always have some competitive edge over us by way of buying power for marketing or supplies, is our family’s and employees health an area that should be subject to this level of competition?  At The McMahon Group, we find that inexcusable and work hard to bring the freedom of choice and affordability back to the American consumer.   I’d be honored to have an opportunity to discuss the options that are available to you.  For high-quality healthcare solutions for small businesses, contact us today.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

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Retain Talented Employees with a World Class Community Driven Healthcare Solution

Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and professional associations succeed because of their talented employees. Attracting and retaining top talent is essential to your continued success. In todays expensive and complex healthcare system, we also know that workers will go where the benefits are. Often, this means constant turnover at a time when small businesses can simply not afford it. The McMahon Group‘s innovative  healthcare solution makes it easier for small companies to provide competitive health benefits to their employees. When workers know they can take care of their families, see the doctor regularly, and have support for unexpected medical expenses, they are less likely to leave for greener pastures.

We Simplify Healthcare for Small Businesses

Insurance is not only restrictive but also challenging to manage. Every doctor’s visit includes an absurdly complicated mess of billing processes. Why? We don’t believe consumers and patients should have to navigate a needlessly complex system for preventative, surgical, and other medical care. Our value driven healthcare solutions will open up a world of possibilities to your employees, providing them with complete flexibility and ease-of-use. Their visits will be simple, relaxed and free from the restrictions that currently plague our health insurance system. We believe your employees will appreciate your participation in these solutions and give them something to brag about.

Healthcare is Local: We Allow You to Receive Localized Care

We believe all healthcare is local. One of the things the current health insurance system does is institute national conventions on local problems. The health concerns of Peoria, IL can differ wildly from Chicago. So, why should a nationally- or regionally-based insurance company dictate where any patient can go for comprehensive medical care? By encouraging localized participation in healthcare, The McMahon Group resolves this issue and creates better health for everyone involved. We would be honored to discuss how we can help your company compete with bigger corporations with more resources.

Proven Solutions for Employers, Families & Physicians